Amazing Views Presents Women and Drones: Flying Over the Gender Gap

Four of Amazing Aerial’s female droners shared their experiences in the male-dominated aerial photography field for our podcast. Over three episodes, we discussed everything from entering the field to their best photography tips.
community spotlight features Feb 29, 2024
Photographer Sandrine Hecq flies her drone on the beach at Nusa Perida, Bali, Indonesia. Sandrine is one of Amazing Aerial's newest members. © Amazing Aerial Agency / Sandrine Hecq

By Rebecca Duras



Although anyone can learn how to pilot a drone and fly, aerial photographers are still overwhelmingly male. That trend is changing as more and more women are picking up the joystick and taking to the air.

A few months ago, we published an article interviewing four of Amazing Aerial’s female members, Sabine Gerold, Sandrine Hecq, Joanna Steidle, and Julia Pertek. The conversation was so great, we later recorded a podcast on the same topic! 

 Check out the three-part series of our podcast called “Women and Drones: Flying Over the Gender Gap.”


Part One

In this episode, Sandrine, Sabine, Joanna, and Julia shared their diverse journeys towards drone photography with the Amazing Aerial podcast. They have different professional backgrounds, as well as different experiences getting started in the field—some had great experiences, while others faced harmful stereotypes and discrimination. What they have in common is incredible passion for the field.


Part Two

In the second episode, the droners discussed their experiences with the drone community. They spoke about finding community with other female pilots, the friendly nature of the community as a whole, as well as the role of Amazing Aerial in creating a welcoming community. 


Part Three

In the final episode of the podcast series, we focused on our team members’ expertise and careers. The pilots shared how their diverse professional experiences influenced their creative decisions when taking photos as well as their goals for their careers.


We are lucky to have such talented professionals be part of the Amazing Aerial team. The Amazing Aerial podcast will soon release even more episodes highlighting our amazing team members. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified as soon as new episodes come out!



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